The Philosophy, Theology, and Rhetoric of Marius Victorinus

Václav Němec, Stephen a Cooper (eds.)

This collection of essays is devoted to the rhetoric, Neoplatonic philosophy, and Christian theology of Marius Victorinus, a mid-fourth-century professor of rhetoric and philosopher who converted to Christianity late in life. Contributors, including Jan Dominik Bogataj, Michael Chase, Nello Cipriani, Stephen A. Cooper, Volker Henning Drecoll, Lenka Karfíková, Josef Lössl, Václav Němec, Thomas Riesenweber, Guadalupe Lopetegui Semperena, Miran Spelič, Chiara O. Tommasi, John D. Turner, and Florian Zacher, explore the many facets of Victorinus's writings and thought, from his use of philosophical sources, to his treatises and hymns on the Trinity, and his commentary on Cicero's Rhetoric.

SBL Press