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The IP CAS researchers have created numerous databases and corpora that cover a broad spectrum of disciplines from classical and medieval studies to bibliographical data or corpora dedicated to significant Czech philosophers (e.g. Comenius or Jan Patočka). The databases are accessible at no charge on the internet. Selected databases are included in the newly-formed large research infrastructure LINDAT/CLARIAH-CZ since 2019. LINDAT/CLARIAH-CZ resources form a distributed national node of the pan-European DARIAH-EU network for digital humanities.



  • Provide the public, students, and scholars with unique, specialized, meticulously curated and enriched electronic collections, data, and services in accordance with the most recent standards.
  • Support and facilitate research of intellectual history on the basis of Bohemical sources, particularly from the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period.
  • Make the works of important figures in Czech philosophy available and accessible for study and research with digital methods and tools.

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The LINDAT/CLARIAH-CZ project (LM2018101 and CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_013/0001781; formerly LM2010013, LM2015071) is fully supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic under the programme LM of “Large Infrastructures”.




MEMORI is a collection of resources focused on Czech intellectual history in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods and its Classical inspirations. Its overarching portal is prepared in close cooperation with the Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences. IP CAS curates the following MEMORI databases:




List of other databases

Ancient Inspiration in the Visual Arts
The database maps Greco-Roman heritage in Czech lands since the beginnings until present. It contains works of art inspired by the classical tradition and created in Czech lands or for clients living here.

The Antiquity in Inscriptions of Czech Provenance
The database documents the classical heritage in the epigraphic culture of Czech lands since the first inscribed documents until present. The inscription is defined as a text on durable materials (stone, metal, ceramics etc.) or on tapestries.

The Bibliography of Jan Patočka

Black Key (Clavis nigra)
A database of polyphonic compositions of Czech origin from the 15th and 16th century in black mensural notation.

Bohuslai Balbini Bohemia docta
A facsimile of the first and second part (Tractatus primus, Tractatus secundus) of Balbín’s treatise Bohemia docta, allowing to search for proper names.

Card file index of the Dictionary of Medieval Latin in Czech Lands
The database contains scanned card files (sections A-D, Pi-Z) which serve as a basis for the creation of the Dictionary of Medieval Latin in Czech Lands.

The Correspondence of Jan Amos Comenius and other

The Correspondence of Milada Blekastad

Czech medieval sources on-line

Dictionary of Czech and Slovak book printers
The database contains information about all book printers who were ever active on the territory of former Czechoslovakia. Included are all book printers since the beginnings of book printing until 1860.

Dictionary of Medieval Latin in Czech Lands
An electronic version of the Dictionary of Medieval Latin in Czech Lands, covering the whole extent of the Dictionary published so far, i. e. the letters A–M, including the second, revised edition of the letters A–H.

Digital Photograph Archive of the Institute for Classical Studies (Accessible from the ICS Library computers only)
The digital photograph archive of the Centre includes photos of works of art, manuscripts and old prints, all created before 1800 (e. g., the Evangeliary of Zábrdovice, the Codex Franus, Comenius’ maps of Moravia, decorations of the rotunda in Znojmo and of the summer palace Hvězda, the Passion cycle in the St. Wenceslas Chapel in the St. Vitus Cathedral etc.).

Early Modern Scholars

Fontes rerum Regni Bohemiae
An electronic edition of Latin chronicles.

Hymnorum thesaurus Bohemicus
The database contains transcriptions of Czech spiritual songs from ca. sixty historical hymn books published in 16th-18th centuries, covering practically the whole hymn book production of the time. It contains 21221 entries on individual songs.

J. P. Cerroni: Scriptores Regni Bohemiae
The dictionary of writers and scholars of the Bohemian Kingdom Scriptores Regni Bohemiae, compiled by Moravian official, historian and collector Johann Peter Cerroni (1753-1826). This work represents a consummation of efforts of many scholars of the second half of the 18th century to grasp the educational history of the Czech state in accord with the concept of historia litteraria from the beginning until their present day. This database comprises letters A-B so far, other entries being added gradually.

Knihopis Digital
A database of incunabula and old prints printed in Czech language, or a retrospective bibliography of Czech printed books since the beginnings of book printing until 1800.

LIMUP: Database of contents of Utraquist liturgical manuscripts from the 15th-16th century
The database contains bibliographic information about 1198 liturgical manuscripts of Czech provenance from 12th-18th centuries.

Performances of ancient dramas
The database contains basic information about Czech performances of ancient plays by professional, semi-professional and amateur theatres and puppet theatres since 1889 until present, including data about guest appearances of foreign companies since 1960 and data about performances in the Czech Television and the Czech Radio.

Repertorium operum antihussiticorum (Repertoire of Anti-Hussite Works)

Repertory of incunabula in Czech
The database of incunabula in Czech, including a short characteristics, bibliography and facsimiles of title pages and all illustrations.