Conferences and Workshops

The Institute of Philosophy organises a number of major scientific conferences attended by leading foreign researchers. During the last five years, there have been more than one hundred such events (see also Conference Archive).
Among the internationally renowned conferences organised annually are:

Ernst March Workshop / Werkstatt Ernst Mach, a workshops on the current work in analytic philosophy - philosophy of science, mind and language, metaphysics as well as value theory.

LOGICA, a symposium devoted to logic and its interdisciplinary connections, especially in philosophy, mathematics and linguistics.

Philosophy and Social Science, a conference focusing on trans-disciplinary research at the intersection of philosophy, political science, sociology and other social sciences. It contributes to the development of critical social and political theory.

Prague Interpretation Colloquia, which are organised by the Department of Analytic Philosophy as a platform for regular interdisciplinary discussions on key issues in interpretation theory.

Prague Plato Symposium, organised in cooperation with the Czech Plato Society on the topic of a selected Platonic dialogue.