Centre for Classical Studies


Mgr. Barbora Kocánová, Ph.D.

deputy heads

Mgr. Jakub Čechvala, Ph.D., Mgr. Julie Černá, Ph.D.

The Centre for Classical Studies focuses on the study of selected aspects of Greco-Roman antiquity in all its thematic range (literature, history, languages, theatre, art history), and of the classical heritage in later times (early Christianity, Middle Ages, early modern period), with special reference to the classical reception in the Czech Lands.

At the moment, the researchers at the Centre are grouped into four teams:

The Department of Classics and Classical Reception is engaged in the study of ancient culture and its reception in later periods. Classical antiquity is also studied as an idea which was imbued with various meanings with regard to contemporaneous needs and which served to express important contemporary topics. Team Projects: Greek Tragedy; Seneca and the Issues of Translation

The Department of Biblical Studies focuses on the study of historical, philological, philosophical and theological questions concerning the Bible and its impact on the European culture. Three main areas of the research are: The Bible and Hellenistic Antiquity; The Bible and early Christian literature; The Bible in the Czech lands.

The Department of Medieval Lexicography, its main task is the creation of the Dictionary of Medieval Latin in Czech Lands, which registers and explains Medieval Latin vocabulary used in Czech lands since the beginnings of Latin literature in this area to 1500 CE. The work on the Dictionary is the basis for other research outputs of the department: lexicographic studies, translations and editions. Long-term Projects: Latinitatis medii aevi lexicon bohemorum – The Dictionary of Medieval Latin in the Czech Lands

The Department of Neo-Latin Studies focuses on the research of Latin culture, especially learning and literature, of early modern era, in the context of multilingual literary and book output of Czech provenance and Central-European learning. This results in critical editions, analyses and interpretations of Neo-Latin works in the widest spectrum of genres. The department further concentrates on registering and digital processing of literary works of Czech provenance. Current Projects: research of Latin literary output in the Czech lands from the 16th century to the beginning of the 19th century.

The Centre for Classical Studies has existed for more than sixty years. It was established under the name of the Centre for Greek, Roman and Latin Studies on 1st January 1953 as a department of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, with its research scope covering classical philology, ancient history, Medieval Latin studies and studies of humanism. In 1990, it was renamed the Institute for Classical Studies and its research was refocused to concentrate on Latin literature and its influence on Czech culture and scholarship from the beginnings of Czech statehood till the end of the 18th century. At the beginning of 2004, following the structural optimisation of institutes dealing with humanities in the Czech Academy of Sciences, the Institute became a part of the Institute of Philosophy of the CAS and it returned to the traditional name of the Centre for Classical Studies.