Department for the Study of Modern Rationality

The members of the department work especially in the field of modern and contemporary philosophy. Their interests are both research and philosophical. They focus both on individual authors and the problems that arise in the context of their work, as well as on the translation of texts from modern and contemporary philosophy, the preparation of introductory and secondary texts and "guides" to the authors and to specific problems in their work. The members of the department try contribute to contemporary philosophical discussion on issues in both the continental and analytical traditions.The department also organizes conferences, workshops and public lectures, in which the aim is not only to bring together philosophers from the Czech Republic and abroad, but also to make their discussions available to university students and the public.

Long term projects: German Idealism, Central Problems in Modern Epistemology, Modern Normativity. Current grants and fellowships: Cíbik, M. 2023–2028 The Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (Project: Beyond Security: Role of Conflict in Resilience-Building-member of the team); Gutschmidt, H. 2017–2022 Jan Evangelista Purkynĕ Fellowship from the Czech Academy of Sciences (Project: From ‘Life’ to ‘The Life of the Spirit’. The Roots of Hegel’s Theoretical Philosophy in his Jena Period); Bojda, M. 2019–2021 Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Czech Academy of Sciences (Project: Schiller’s Aesthetics of Humanity).

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