Department of Applied Philosophy and Ethics


PhDr. Tomáš Hříbek, Ph.D.

deputy heads

Mgr. Juraj Hvorecký, Ph.D.; Mgr. Petr Urban, Ph.D.; Geoffrey Dierckxsens, Ph.D.


Ing. Lenka Čermáková

grant specialist

Michaela Buriánková

The Department of Applied Philosophy and Ethics has been operating at the Institute of Philosophy of the CAS since January 2022. It consists of a team of researchers who have already been involved in ethics within other departments. Together, they will now focus in particular on various applications of ethics in the context of current social interest.

So far, four thematic areas have been identified: bioethics, administrative ethics, philosophy of technology and environmental ethics. The new team should be able to offer the public, or state authorities, expertise on key topics of public debate such as reproductive bioethics and end-of-life ethical challenges (euthanasia); ethical standards in the public sector; artificial intelligence in terms of freedom, security and control; and ethical challenges of technological unemployment, transition to clean energy and climate change.