Centre of Global Studies


The Center of Global Studies focuses on an interdisciplinary research in the fields of philosophy and social science, and develops the Czech research in the European and world framework. It explores contemporary political, social and cultural changes which, as a consequence of the global interactions, influence the lives of individuals and whole societies. It studies these contemporary themes in the Czech, European and global contexts. The results of this scientific project are usable not only in the area of philosophical and social scientific research but also in civil society, state administration and public media.

The project helps to develop a critical thinking and a co-operation between several so far rather separate scientific disciplines in order to articulate new issues and themes, and to elaborate theories which are linked with them. It focuses mainly on themes of justice, legitimacy, participation, and democracy in the contemporary global age in terms of social and political philosophy, sociology, political science, and cultural studies.

Partial Aims

Pillar 1: Justice, legitimacy, participation and democracy.
The research of justice, legitimacy, participation, and democracy mainly in a connection with the key and alternative paradigmatic approaches to global issues.

Pillar 2: Recognition of cultural differences and social integration.
The research of recognition of cultural differences and social integration mainly in the context of a relation between autonomy and plurality, and with a relation between freedom and equality – in the cultural and intercultural frameworks.

Pillar 3: Human rights, state sovereignty, intervention, and environmental issues.
The research of social, economic, cultural, political and civic human rights, a principle of sovereignty, military interventions, and environmental issues, within the international and global community.

Forms of Results

The members of the Center of Global Studies make and present the research by:
(a) organizing of seminars, workshops and conferences with the Czech and international participation;
(b) a participation in similar activities in the Czech and international contexts;
(c) a publication of articles, collections of papers, monographs, and other texts, and a publication of translations of key foreign works;
(d) a pedagogical participation in BA, MA, and PhD studies at universities;
(e) a presentation of research results in mass media open also to the public sphere;
(f) an offer of research results to civil society, the state administration and other institutions in a form of expertise report.