A questionnaire survey on Ethical and Professional Aspects of Research was conducted between June 8th and 24th 2020. The purpose of this survey was gathering the opinion of researchers on some of the specific aspects of their work and the overall condition of the institution. The return rate of the survey was 46,5 % and we would like to thank all the participants for their time, effort as well as willingness to share their suggestions and comments.

The survey led to the following main conclusions:

  • there is a high degree of institutional trust at FLÚ
  • at FLÚ researchers are granted with the research freedom
  • respondents are not very familiar with the Code of Ethics for Researchers of the CAS
  • problematic behaviour occurs exceptionally at FLÚ (e.g. bossing, mobbing)
  • over 50 % of employees consider their work not to be sufficiently popularised
  • respondents incline to environmental sustainability
  • there is a need to improve internal communication and support for publishing

Considerable discussions concerned the following topics: suitable forms of popularisation, methods of detecting plagiarism, Open Access and internal communication.

Results of the survey ‘Ethical and Professional Aspects of Research’ can be found in full version HERE.