Hejnice , 16 – 20 June 2014

The Department of Logic, Institute of Philosophy, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, announces LOGICA 2014 the 28th in the series of annual international symposia devoted to logic, to be held at Hejnice (in northern Bohemia, about 2.5 hours from Prague) 16 – 20 June 2014.

Invited speakers are Dorothy Edgington, Dag Prawitz, Graham Priest and Göran Sundholm.

Members of the Logica 2014 Programme Committee are: Theodora Achourioti, Francesco Berto, Petr Cintula, Michael Dunn, Dorothy Edgington, Christian Fermüller, Volker Halbach, Gary Kemp, Vojtěch Kolman, Carles Noguera, Jaroslav Peregrin, Dag Prawitz, Graham Priest, Hans Rott, Gabriel Sandu, Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson, Gila Sher, Sonja Smets, and Göran Sundholm.

The guidelines for submissions can be found at http://logika.flu.cas.cz/en/logica/logica-2014.
The deadline is 15 February 2014. Notifications of acceptance will be sent out by the end of March.

For more information see PDF